by Mark Gorman Mark Gorman

John W Fluharty II is currently a consultant to Quanta Services and has performed various market studies, regulatory reviews, business improvement reviews and recommendations. His expertise is to review changes in business and regulations and relate them back to market potential and realignment required for business to take advantage of it. Fluharty also works with a client’s customers to develop large and complex projects. He brings the field experience, business background and a good understanding of how to bring the customers’ expectations in line with the goals of the project and deliver the project on time while making it profitable. Fluharty provided 28 years of service to Mears Group Inc., a highly respected international engineering and construction company that serves the pipeline and energy industries. As part owner until the company sold to Quanta Services in 2000, he continued to work as Senior Vice President until August 2008. Fluharty is a board member of the Power and Communication Contractors Association (PCCA) and the American Pipeline Contractors Association (APCA). He previously served on the INGAA Foundation board of directors.