by Mark Gorman Mark Gorman

As Senior Vice President, Natural Gas Pipelines Major Projects, Corey Goulet is accountable to execute on TransCanada’s substantial portfolio of large-sized natural gas pipeline project. This portfolio will include Columbia growth, Mexico and LNG projects.

Goulet has 30 years of energy infrastructure experience. His experience is varied and has focused on the development, construction, operation and maintenance of natural gas, wind, hydro, nuclear and transmission power facilities; gas, oil and refined products pipelines; and oil and gas production facilities. He joined the company in 1998 as a manager in the international business unit where he was responsible for developing projects. Since that role, he has lead various departments including pipeline engineering, energy projects, nuclear development, Keystone projects and natural gas operations, projects and engineering.

Goulet is a former member of the Operations and System Integrity subcommittee for CSA Z662 Oil and Gas Pipeline Systems. In addition, he represented TransCanada for two years as a board member of Pipeline Research Council International Inc. (PRCI) and is a current board member of the Alberta Chamber of Resources. Goulet has also been a board member for three joint venture companies.

Born and raised near Edmonton, Alberta, he graduated with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering (with Distinction) from the University of Alberta in 1985.