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Neil Lane

Neil Lane is the Executive Director for the Pipe Line Contractors Association of Canada (PLCAC) representing over 30 contractors in labor relations, health and safety, and worker training in the pipeline sector of the construction industry across Canada.
He has the responsibility to develop and manage all operational aspects of the Association’s business, manage relations with public, government agencies and organizations in the construction, natural gas and petroleum industries, draft, prepare and publish formal collective agreements negotiated by the Association and the four pipeline craft unions and prepare and manage the Annual Report and AGM.
Prior to joining the PLCAC Neil had a relationship spanning over thirty years with the construction industry employed as a laborer, equipment operator, surveyor, estimator and in various management positions with the sewer and water main, roadbuilding, distribution pipeline, mining, forestry and building construction segments throughout Canada and the United States.
by Elizabeth Stull Elizabeth Stull

Dr. Michael (Mickey) B. Frish

​Dr. Michael (Mickey) B. Frish Manager, Industrial Sensors  Dr. Frish has a broad, interdisciplinary background with specific strengths in research, development, commercialization and marketing of photonics instrumentation.  Early in his 35-year career with Physical Sciences Inc. (PSI) he led the development and introduction of the first industrial quality gas analyzer and long-path leak detector products using Tunable Diode Laser Absorption Spectroscopy.  He subsequently led the evolution of these products into the Remote Methane Leak Detector (RMLD), an R&D 100 Awardee.  The RMLD is now a common tool used for natural gas leak detection with over 3000 units manufactured by Heath Consultants deployed worldwide.  His current work includes miniaturizing TDLAS sensors, reducing their costs, and utilizing them to quantify leak rates.  Dr. Frish has been awarded eight patents, and is the author or co-author of over 80 technical reports and publications.  He received BS, MS, and PhD degrees in Applied and Engineering Physics at Cornell University.

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Marion “Bubba” Davis

Marion Davis has served as Director of Construction for the International Brotherhood of Teamsters (IBT) since June 2012. He also currently serves as Co-Chair of the IBT National Pipeline Training Fund and Labor Management Trust Fund (also since 2012). Throughout his career, Davis has been an instructor for various training classes and been involved with developing various training programs related to equipment operation and health and safety. He joined Teamsters Local 509 in August 1981 and was dispatched to DuPont at the U.S. Department of Energy Savannah River Site (SRS) nuclear facility (later operated by Bechtel Savannah River Inc.). Davis was elected to the Executive Board of Teamsters Local 509 in 1993, serving as Trustee, Recording Secretary through 1999. In October 2000, he was appointed to Southern Region International Representative for Construction as a stipend employee and left SRS to take on the roll fulltime in October 2007. He became Assistant Director of Construction in March 2012 and then Director a few months later.

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John Capodice

As the Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing, John is responsible for running all facets of the Sales and Marketing for all divisions.  He has a proven track record and over 32 years of experience driving sales growth in the industry.  John’s career with the Sterling Company includes the role of President and General Manager of Company affiliate Midwest Access Solutions.  At Midwest Access Solutions, John led the transformation into an industry enterprise-focused company, creating the blueprint for a successful installation matting company and driving sales growth to more than 50% with the lowest safety incident record in the marketplace. John was also General Manager at Allied Building Products, responsible for sales and operations. He oversaw multiple locations in the IL and WI markets. During his 20-year period with Allied Building Products John held various management positions.  As a husband, proud father of three, community and environmental advocate John continues to serve as a key architect for the Sterling Lumber Company flagship products and services.

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Jason Stechschulte

Mr. Stechschulte graduated from Trine University with a bachelor of science degree in civil engineering in 2003. He joined Marathon Petroleum Corporation (MPC) in 2003 as a pipeline engineer in Findlay, Ohio.  Throughout his career at MPC, Mr. Stechschulte has held various engineering, operations, and commercial positions in the marketing and transportation engineering, transportation and logistics, and pipeline organizations.

In August 2016, Mr. Stechschulte assumed his current position where he leads commercial and engineering development of growth projects, including within the Utica shale,  for Marathon Pipe Line LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Marathon Petroleum Corporation. In his current role, he manages commercial growth opportunities for Marathon Pipe Line LLC and MPLX LP.

Mr. Stechschulte is a registered professional engineer in the state of Ohio.

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Robert Wilds

Robert Wilds is Director of Pipeline for the International Union of Operating Engineers (IUOE). He got his start in the pipeline industry in 1986, working in the field as an Operating Engineer. Wilds has worked pipeline projects for the largest part of his career in the field, serving as an operator on projects throughout the United States. Wilds also served as an instructor for the IUOE/PLCA National Pipeline Training program from 1999 to 2009. From 2009 to 2010, he was IUOE Local No. 66 Dispatcher and serviced as the union’s Special Pipeline Representative from 2010 to 2016, before being named Director of Pipeline in 2016.

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Lou Thompson

Lou Thompson is a tribal relations specialist with an expertise in NEPA, the National Historic Preservation Act and facilitating relationships between pipeline companies and federally recognized Native American tribes. Lou has been employed in the private sector and government for over 20 years responsible for working with tribal communities throughout North America.  He was a Tribal Relations Department Manager for a large international energy company and was a senior procurement specialist for an American Indian Procurement Technical Center, handling large and complex procurement projects. Lou is owner and founder of Tribal Energy Resource, LLC and is currently involved with numerous high profile pipeline projects. He is a Switzer Fellow and holds a B.S. in Environmental Science and a M.S. in Community Economic Development.

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Bobby Gonzalez

Bobby Gonzalez is a veteran in tribal, industry and government-to-government relations. He works closely with tribal governments to facilitate relationships with the pipeline industry. Bobby has authored numerous publications on the protection of cultural resources and testified before the House of Natural Resource Committee on federal agency non-compliance with the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act. Bobby was a guest speaker at the first tribal energy summit supported by the White House and the Department of Energy. He is a NEPA regulatory specialist and is very experienced in managing tribal monitoring programs on pipeline projects.

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Wayne King

Wayne is a Mechanical Engineer, and a member of NASTT.  As President of HEBNA Corporation he brings extensive business and engineering consulting experience over a 20-year career.  As past founder, President & CEO of Innovative Pipeline Crossings (IPC), he was able to bring the direct pipe technology from Germany to North America for the 36-48” diameter pipe lines.  Prior to IPC, Wayne managed several design and engineering departments at AECOM, a global engineering company.
Wayne’s real life passion is with his activities in Africa, as co-founder of HOPEthiopia.

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Doug Giesinger

Doug is a Canadian Registered Safety Professional (CRSP) with more than two decades of safety-related work experience. Doug served the last seven years as a corporate health safety and environment advisor for a major Canadian utility with more than 2,600 employees in northern and east-central Alberta. Doug brings to Caterpillar more than a decade of experience in the oil/gas and heavy equipment manufacturing/repair industries. He is an accomplished facilitator of the S.T.A.R.T.™ program and has guided multiple continuous improvement teams focused on safety-related topics over the course of his career. Doug is a member of the Industry Advisory Committee for the Occupational Health and Safety certificate program at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology.