The theme for the Sixth Annual Pipeline Leadership Conference is “A 2020 Vision for Pipelines: What the Future Holds.” The event will focus on the pipeline and gas distribution economic outlook for 2021-2027; implications to pipeline and gas distribution system operators, as well as the engineering and construction firms that serve them from the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election; bring into focus the fossil fuel debate and what the 2021-2027 environmental, regulatory and social market drivers will impact pipeline and gas distribution system operators as well as the engineering and construction firms that serve them.

The Pipeline Leadership Conference is designed for C-suite executives driving transformation and innovation in pipeline and distribution system design, construction and operations through People, Process and Practice. The keynote, panel and presentation content is focused on providing guidance on how to set and implement business strategy with a “2020 Vision.” Innovators and hands-on leaders who attend will find approaches that achieve revolutionary improvements in performance in the areas of new development, system replacement, ensuring safety, improving efficiency and overcoming challenges from inside and outside the industry.

Innovators and leaders who are interested in sharing their revolutionary strategies and tactics to achieve performance improvement in People, Process and Practice are invited to submit abstracts on the following topics:

  • Presidential Election Impact on Pipeline Development and Gas Distribution system operations
  • Economic Outlook for Oil and Gas Pipelines
  • Why Pipelines Matter in the Fossil Fuel Debate
  • Business Strategies for a New Decade
  • How to Prepare the Next Generation of Pipeliners
  • Attracting Students to Careers in the Pipeline Industry
  • Collaboration Initiatives to Improve the Public Perception of the Pipeline Industry
  • Innovative Pipeline Development Strategies in Partnership with Communities

The Pipeline Leadership Conference Program Committee will review and select topics for the event. The Program Committee is made up of long-time oil and gas pipeline industry veterans, representing operators, contractors, engineers and trade associations.

Submit Your Abstracts Below

The deadline to submit an abstract is April 10, 2020.


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